Sunday, May 2, 2010

BP and the spill

OK, it's time to get on my soap box, and no it's not those cute wooden cars I built with my son's in the Cub Scouts. I'm talking about BP and the spill. I have a unique perspective and I want to share it. I was born and raised in Panama City and my mother lives in a house she built on the beach in 1966. I have spent countless hours cleaning up after our "wonderful" visitors. Beer cans, beach toys, fireworks, and yes condoms. She is now surrounded by ugly condos and the thousands more visitors than the beach can support. She has strangers park in her drive way, use her outside shower, and use the underside of her house as a toilet. Where were we when the Bay County Commission was allowing our beaches to be polluted by this massive over building on our beaches. Remember I spent 15 years as a kitchen and bath designer. I did the Southern Living house at Water Sound, but lost my job when the construction boom ended.  We need to wake up and realise that we need more than white sand to make Panama City grow.  Where are the amusment parks?  Where are the attractions?  What do you do on a rainy stormy day? I also lived in New Orleans for 30 years, taught at the New Orleans School of Cooking, and I know this will devastate the seafood industry, thus the restaurant business there as well. I also know that the oil industry is important to the people of Louisiana both from a jobs stand point, but also those rigs are reefs for fish and shrimp.  One third of the seafood consumed in the US comes from Louisiana.  Where is our seafood industry?  It's terrible that this has happened. Remember people have lost loved ones. Stop pointing fingers and bitching. Everyone is hurting.

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