Thursday, February 19, 2009

Liza's Kitchen ( same great food, new location)

Seeing a restaurant change locations has always scared me. I remember Momma Campisis that was a quaint, warm, great Italian restaurant in St. Andrews at the foot of Beck Ave. Momma would come around to all the tables and make you feel welcome and part of the family. Business grew and she moved to a larger facility and things were never the same for me. Today I lunched with the wife at the new Liza's Kitchen location about a block from it's former location on Thomas Drive in the Mirabella plaza, a small U shape center. It was packed with customers and the service was good. I know there are many Liza fans out there and my hope is they will keep patronizing Liza's. As I have said many times a sandwich is no better than the bread that is it's foundation. Liza's makes their on Foccacia bread and it shows. I am soooo tired of local restaurants calling a sandwich a Po Boy and serving it on a hoagie roll or bun. That aint a Po Boy. The menu hasn't changed and that's a good thing. I have tried the hot turkey, Muffelatta, and the black and blue sandwiches, and many of the soups. Today I had the tomato basil soup, all of which I recommend. The Hippie Chick is their most popular, but I have not tried that one yet. The soups are fresh and flavorful.

Good luck to Liza's Kitchen and the move.

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I give Liza's 5 stars

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  1. Hi Bubba,
    Found your blog while doing an internet search on Momma Campisi's. In the late 70's-early 80's we would eat there when we vacationed in PCB. We are from Tennessee. It has been very many years since our times in PCB but we are returning there in Aug 2009. My hubby and I were wondering if Momma's was still open and if so where? You mentioned it had moved but not sure if you meant it is still open. Can you email me and let us know?
    Thank you and blessings!
    Third Day Rocks!