Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Shed BBQ

I really like to try to eat at a restaurant at least three times before I make a review. Restaurants have bad days too. In this case the restaurant is out of town and after eating there I really don't think I'll return. The shed is located in Ocean Springs Mississippi just off I-10. The wife and I were heading to New Orleans to see our grand daughter and visit my wife's sister who lives in Oklahoma. Around lunch time I remembered a BBQ joint featured on the Food Networks, Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives. This place looked incredible. If you were going to design a BBQ joint this place would be the blue print. It is located at the entrance of a camp ground and it is a shed, filled with items gathered from dumpster diving. There were more seats outside than inside. The grounds a littered with memorabilia if you will from the dumpster diving. As you enter, you have to order at a window and then find a seat. No hostess here. I ordered the brisket and spare rib combo plate. My wife ordered the pulled pork. The menu states that all BBQ is served with sauce whose recipe was passed down from an old black guy that made the original sauce. The spare ribs were over cooked to the point that the cartilage at the top of the rib was the consistency of jello. They were dry and the sauce didn't help. The brisket was chopped and covered in the same sauce. Now I know that brisket is the hardest thing to perfect, but this was dry and tasteless. In competitions brisket is presented sliced not chopped. I tasted my wife's pulled pork and it was also chopped and dry. My anticipation of having some killer BBQ was met with wholesale disappointment.

The Shed get 1 star for ambiance.

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  1. I have eaten at 'The Shed' twice on trips and absolutely love it! You are served in a 'to go' box with a plastic fork and you can pull the meat of the bone with the fork. The chicken is outstanding. I have never had a problem with dry meat or bad sauce. Totally disagree with this review. Everyone needs to try for themselves.

  2. I completely agree with this review.
    I have eaten at the Ocean Springs Shed
    on several occasions and have never been
    impressed. It is way overhyped and the food ranges
    from mediocre to bad. If your idea of good BBQ is meat
    prepared badly then slathered in spicy ketchup this your
    place. If you did see the DDD episode it was featured on
    You could tell the host wasn't impresses either.

  3. Y'all don't know good bbq when you get it,hands down this is the best I have ever had, pull off the bone ribs (not cooked for comp but enjoying) and sauce that is so good my wife who never ever eats sauce loves it. I guess all the crowds of people swamping the place every time we drive all the way from Tuscaloosa just to eat there are not liking it either.