Friday, December 25, 2009

Paparazzi's revisited

My son Andrew came to town to take his mother back to New Orleans for Christmas.  He had not been to Paparazzi's so we took him.  Understand that I am a pizza fanatic and I think Paparazzi's is the best in Panama City, just slightly ahead of Marco's on the beach.  So tonight I decided to try one of the pasta dishes and some appetizers.  We started first with the fried ravioli and the rice balls.  The fried ravioli was perfectly cooked, crisp, and filled with cheese, and lightly covered with Paparazzi's sauce.  The rice balls were also good but I think they are a bit large.  The filling of risotto and cooked beef didn't have the flavor that I thought it would.  Something was missing.  Again these were perfectly breaded and fried, topped with the sauce.  Of course I ordered a small pizza so my son could try the fire roasted pie.  We also ordered the family style Shrimp Parmesan.  It arrived on a beautiful platter with spaghetti in the center lightly moistened with the sauce, and a bountiful amount of breaded shrimp with melted cheese on them.  Delicious.  Next time I must try something different.  I just can't pull myself from the pizza.

Good eating.

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