Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dee's Hangout Revisited

I rarely get a day off, so when I did, I decided to take the wife out for lunch.  Since we moved in town we don't get to the beach very often, and we miss some of our favorite restaurants there.  We have not been to Dee's Hangout in a while and I was in the mood for some authentic New Orleans Gumbo and a Po-Boy.  The special of the day was cast iron skillet fried chicken with your choice of vegetables.  My grand mother fried her chicken in a cast iron skillet and Dee did not disappoint me.  My wife got three large pieces of chicken perfectly fried moist and crisp.  She got the rice with chicken gravy and glazed sweet potatoes.  Man my mouth was watering.  Of course nothing has changed in the Gumbo department.  I got a cup of seafood gumbo that was loaded with shrimp, oysters, crab meat, and sausage.  Staying with the same theme, I got a combo shrimp and oyster Po-Boy ( not on the menu) dressed (New Orleans for mayo, lettuce and tomato).  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to eat a Po=Boy on true New Orleans french bread.  For all those restaurants serving Po-Boys on a hoagie roll, shame on you.  Go to Dee's and see what your missing.

Dee's was full when we arrived and had to sit at the bar.  I'm glad business is good for Dee because I can always count on some truly wonderful fare every time I go.

Dee's gets 5 stars.

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